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Octopus Energy Tariff Tracker

Octopus Energy Tariff Tracker has been designed to show you what you are paying for your tariff's electricity. This app integrates with Octopus Energy' s API to give you the most up-to date data for Octopus Agile and all of their energy tariffs.

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Why We Started

I recently purchased an EV and soon ended up installing many apps to control different aspects of my car and manually configuring tasks in 3rd party software. Having professional experience in, and a passion for, automation I knew that there must be a better way to manage the things I care most about; charge scheduling, cost saving and security.

After a fruitless search, finding apps that didn't live up to their promises, I approached Joscha and together we started developing what we believe to be the answer to the frustrations of many EV owners.

With our passion and direct feedback from the EV community we can use the technology available to us to make our lives easier, save money and help usher in a greener future for us all.


Control & Security

Our main focus is to provide you with tools and services that allow you to take full control. We also have a huge focus on security and data protection, we never store unnecessary data and will NEVER sell data to third parties.


Reliability in any service is key and we aim to achieve exactly that, so what you need is there when you need it.

Environmental Impact

We aim to have a responsible approach to to what we do, ensuring the design methodologies and third-parties we use are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our code all runs serverless which means no idle capacity when not in use, which means less environmental impact.

Saving You Money

As with anything in life saving money is always great and our apps are here to help you achieve your goals in cost saving. 

About Us

We are two IT professionals, colleagues and friends who share a profession and passion for writing code to automate repetitive tasks and create tools that utilise technology to make processes more efficient and peoples lives easier.

Adam Buckley

Director, Co-Founder & Developer

Joscha Poschl

Director, Co-Founder & Developer